Santa Eularia Hills







The houses form a whole, which is harmonious in terms of its relational status (the relationship between the different units, the overall relationship with the existing topography and panoramas) and in terms of its form and configuration.


The northern border of Santa Eularia des Riu’s town centre is enveloped with a cover of Aleppo pines. The boundaries with this forest cover on the rear and side boundaries of the development imbues the complex with character, given the intention to incorporate wood into the houses as a central element in their design.


A palisade of heat-treated wood ‘hugs’ the upper volume of the house, and permeates in an organic way through the rest of the property.

The middle white volume, which houses the ‘piano nobile’, is mounted on a stone base where the bedrooms are located.


The swimming pool area is deliberately re-sunk to emulate a perforation in the stone base, which underlines the relationship with the exterior and provides a certain amount of shelter.


A light pergola ‘perches’ on the pool’s roof and, in addition to sun protection, helps to give privacy to the outdoor area and limits cross views between the residences.


The cover is conceived as a fifth facade for the dwellings, and as a continuation of the forest canopy that surrounds the complex.

These roofs and the sides of the buildings are covered in vegetation, and the careful design of the landscape becomes an essential piece of the project.


A central atrium situated at the heart of the dwelling cuts across its three levels, and determines the spatial relationship between the three different floors, while at the same time providing light and ventilation to the deep passageway upon which the project is based.

Vegetation penetrates into the interior of the dwelling via this patio, and gives meaning to the areas of transparency the patio provides.


The complex aims to be a benchmark for sensitive urban development on the island of Ibiza due to the value of the strategies used for implementation, form, landscaping and sustainable construction, as well as the overall use of the facilities.