Es Juncaret







On site


The exteriors of a detached single-family house on a steep northern slope in the parish of Sant Miquel de Balansat are planned.


Matching the different levels of the house and relating them to the exterior is achieved via a sequence of patios that fan out from the immediate intersection with the different rooms, prolonging the interior spaces whilst clarifying the transition to the dense forest of Aleppo pines.


Marés stone walls, arranged in the traditional way, define the aforementioned courtyards, which are transversal to the volumes attached to the communication axis.


Another result is an increasing degree of privacy from the main floor of the house, which is more extensive, and the volumes that house the

rooms dedicated to rest, all of them open onto patios that meet the forest.


The new plantations are designed according to an estimated maximum water consumption for the new borehole that is the minimum size possible and reduced to figures that limit species selection.

A compartmentalisation of more than 15 zones is implemented in order to group species according to their water needs as much as possible, and thus reduce overall consumption.

A water system is proposed that would close the water reuse cycle, in which waste water would be proactively reused.

In addition, non-irrigated planting areas are proposed, in which experiments have been carried out with species that consume very little water, with back-up irrigation for the first few months.

Planting series and their colours are tested out, with prominence given to yellow and violet blooms, typical of the Mediterranean xeric forest.


The surrounding undergrowth is restored, whilst being integrated into the protective forest fringe.