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Project in collaboration with the landscaping practice Ecodisseny.


A holistic focus on the exteriors and management of environmental and water resources provides the strategy to clarify the landscaping and the exterior parts of an isolated, detached house located on rustic, forest ground in Santa Eularia des Riu.


The plot in question is completely terraced and relies on a system of stone walls that have great heritage value, which are to be extensively restored and returned to their full value.


The comprehensive landscaping project also focuses on meeting the following objectives:


– Deliver the landscaping in the surroundings of the house, located between two hundred-year-old dry stone walls and punctuated by courtyards and distant views,

within sustainability requirements, and including integration with and transition to the surrounding Mediterranean forest.


– Water management and the intention to form a closed water system for the new intervention.

A complex hydraulic schematic to be implemented that focuses on reusing waste water and capturing and managing rain water.

It is proposed to collect water from the roofs of the dwelling, the roads on the property and the natural runoff, and develop rain gardens and a ‘mineral river’ to act as a sewer.


– Establish a Mediterranean garden that consumes very little water on the terrace below the house and underneath the existing Aleppo pines. 

As it if were a giant canvas, different bodies of bushes and ground vegetation will be graduated, generating movement and visual interest, whilst integrating with the existing undergrowth.


– Establish a fringe of protective forest for the dwelling.  An olive grove and edible forest is proposed, based on an integrated kitchen garden and 

hybridisation strategies for vegetation and water capture via infiltration ditches in contour lines or swales.


– Integrate permaculture into decision making as regards resource management (e.g. management of natural fertilisers from biochar production, integration of edible forest, closing the water system, etc.).