Houses in Jesus

Jesús, Ibiza







A compact apartment block with dual aspect dwellings around the central communication chore is designed in an outstanding plot in the town Jesús, Ibiza, with great views to Ses Feixes Prat des Monges, Talamanca bay, Formentera and Dalt Vila (Ibiza´s old town).


A building divived onto three sections, with a neat and well defined presence and and identity.

Ample terraces, eco-friendly strategies and flexibility of their use and the external cladding, add value to the dwellings and character to the whole.


Green glazed ceramic lattice pieces, which echo the close vegetation, create a greenhouse space wich works as a transitional area and gives sun protection.

It also provides with natural ventilation and enhances the evapotranspiration by means of the vegetation it accommodates.


The building is surrounded with trees and vegetation with a special emphasis on the entrance to it.

As opposed to the usual tipology that can be found in Ibiza these days, an architectural ‘promenade’ is designed from the entrance at the Northwest vertex of the property, so the entrance to the building is reached after walking through vegetation and under the building as a transition from the ‘publi’ area of the street to the private range of the building.