La Selva




Gerona, España



On site



Set in a mixed Mediterranean woodland space facing the fairways of a golf course, four houses were designed for building on plots laid out in a fan-like formation. The aim is to minimise any awareness of the houses from the access road while exposing them to the surrounding views in such a way that the privacy and integrity of each one remains intact.


The upper floor free plan is based on an abstract horizontal level that takes shape through the use of a white concrete slab that ‘hovers’ over the edges.


The lower floor, where all the bedrooms are located, conveys its connection with the pool area through a continuous colonnade that adapts to the building’s L-shaped form.


These projects were carried out within deBM Arquitectura y Paisajismo.


La planta libre del nivel superior se expresa por media de un plano horizontal abstracto que se materializa con una losa de hormigón blanco que ‘vuela’ en los extremos.

El nivel inferior, donde se acomodan todos los dormitorios materializa su relación con la piscina por medio de un pórtico continuo que se adapta a la forma en ‘L’ del edificio’.

Proyectos realizados en el estudio deBM Arquitectura y Paisajismo.