Sa Coma







Winner entry of the competition set up by the Consell of Ibiza in 2020.

The Sa Coma public services area aims to make a significant infrastructure contribution to Ibiza, providing a range of cultural, sports and services facilities.

As part of the site’s use for educational/cultural purposes, the development of blocks 206 and 207 has been assigned as the new headquarters of the Official Language School in Ibiza.

We believe that the new Language School, just like the Catering School (ongoing) and the future School of Arts, should aim to create a certain degree of architectural representation and interest while also reflecting its unique role as the hub and driver of the entire campus.

The aim of the design is to ‘activate’ the two sections using a series of morphological strategies. They include integrating a connecting element in the centre of the courtyard between the two buildings, which will not only provide a hallway on two different floors, but which also aims to articulate and foster the relationship between the new school, the central courtyard of the two sites and the side parking area.

The central space is conceived as a large main square for the complex and, as such, we decided that a master plan should be designed for the whole of the enclosure, integrating circulation, landscaping work and the performance of all of the outside areas.

With regards to the scale of the intervention, we have limited ourselves to reinforcing the connection with the courtyard and the parking area, while also dealing with the change in level between the two blocks using access ramps.

While many of our endeavours in terms of the design focus on ‘activating’ the courtyard between the two buildings, the aim is to maintain the space to the side of block 206 as a landscaped area with a large number of trees and, if needed, provide additional plants to improve the area.

We aim to bolster the circulation area between the two buildings, which is the location of the new hallway, by opening up communication from the side of block 206 with the future Catering School (currently the location of fairly insignificant circular-shaped ponds).

The aim of the proposed intervention is to create a system of permeable built spaces that will create fluid and interrelated spaces for both people and the use made by the language school itself. The aim is to break with the inward-looking structures that currently define the existing buildings and convey open spaces that expand in the external spaces and between the buildings themselves. In these spaces, inside and outside will share a dynamic relationship, providing public spaces and views between the two buildings and toward the surroundings, both near and far.

This project was carried out within deBM Arquitectura y Paisajismo.