Sa Caraneta







The house is located on a steeply sloping, north-facing, terraced plot.

The house is structured around a central unfolded longitudinal axis where several lines of force converge on a vanishing point.


A staircase leads to the entrance from the car park.

The main floor is staggered, and accommodates the living room, dining room and kitchen in an ascending sequence.

The route unfolds upwards, and the linear stairs lead to two bedrooms on the upper floor.

A final staircase leads to the roof garden and ends the route.


The different folds of the volumes create vanishing points, compressions/expansions and spatial games.


The top ground floor, where the kitchen and terrace with the swimming pool are found, are oriented to take advantage of the views across Dalt Vila.


The main openings in the residence, organised relationally with the aforementioned longitudinal axis and with a clear directionality, fan out to accentuate the panoramic view of the landscape and to give plasticity to the architectural structure. 


The pergolas, railings and coverings for the openings are made from wooden fencing, which also runs alongside the main routes around the dwelling.

They also serve to help soften the relationship between the dwelling and the forest that surrounds it.